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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we'll be updated on when and where the route will be. the big challenge will be keeping traffic moving when the pope comes november 22nd to november 24th. there are also new threats against pope francis. chairman mike mccaul told the news there's a threat connected with the pope's u.s. visit. the secret service is the lead agency handling security for the convenience in d.c., new york, and philadelphia. we'll head to class this morning a the new stafford high school. the school was originally supposed to open last monday. the first day of the school was pushed back because it did not have the occupancy permit for the new building. county inspectors have now given the green light for the school to open. some parents are concerned about the week delay and how students will make up the sunshine we're coming offer chilly morning.
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temperatures really dipped. >> right. there was all that rain on saturday and a chilly sunday. what about today? >> you don't have to worry about raindrops until the weekend or maybe next week as a big cell of high pressure movies in. clear skies. a chilly start this morning. 48 in gaithersburg and manassas, 46 in culpeper. 56 in washington. hometown forecast, nokesville, virginia, 48. 83 at lunchtime. 76 at dinner. it looks like sun, sun, and sun, and that's going to keep up. overnight construction. why don't they pick these pylons up, melissa. >> i know. interloop at 95 there, 95 and maryland is what we're talking
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about. right lane is the only thing getting by right now because of roadwork there. that's something that should be getting there. still kind of hanging around this morning. taking a look at prince george's downdy, overall don't have any problems. nice and green there. don't have any major issues there. big loop at the beltway. everything running quite nicely. b.w. parkway. that is not the camera that i wanted to show you. again, the beltway is just fine. back in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. today a former youth hockey coach accused of possessing child pornography is in court. he worked as a volunteer assistant coach for a washington little capitols travel team. investigators say all the boys he contacted were hockey players. it's not known, though, whether those players were those that he coached. police say he used instagram and
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snapchat to contact them. in another courtroom police say a man used french websites to prcontact prostitutes in france. he's the soccer coach in germantown. he was arrested last month in montgomery county. police say his crimes are not related to the soccer academy. police say lucy green is the woman killed in the early morning crash on george washington parkway. police say her car crashed into a tree on the southbound side. a stretch of the g.w. parkway was closed for several hours. investigators have not said why the crash happened. we also know now the name of the man shot and killed inside yienion station. police say william wilson jr. stabbed a woman after they
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started fighting in a nearby building. a security guard chased him from a mcdonald's inside union station. the man was shot after he went after the guard with a knife. the woman is expected to be okay. and the red cross is now help 2g 1 families who lost their homes in this fire over the weekend. you can imagine the damage this place did to the 30 units it ripped through saturday night in temple hills, maryland. prince george's investigators do not know how the fire started. a prince george's county family hopes that a family's giggs has a different outcome. no one has seen malik thomas since his car was found a week ago. police found a man dead inside the car outside washington. someone shot him. police have not positively identified the body, so the family doesn't know if thomas is the victim. >> the last words i actually
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said to my son was be careful. he did not say where he was headed. >> the family says they've turned over dental records and other information to the investigators. those records could help them find the body. happening now, a volcano eruption in japan. you have to take a look at these pictures. this is mt. aso. this is on the island. it's erupting sending huge clouds. you see here huge clouds and smoke and ash into the sky everywhere. we're told about 6,000 feet into the sky. it's so bad that authorities there have raised the alert level for the entire area, banning people from coming anywhere near this volcano. fortunately there are no homes in this area. everybody is okay. right now police have a big job to do in making sure that there are no tourists and no hikers in the medial area.
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angie? >> thank you, kristin. new this morning, a kentucky county clerk who refused to issue licenseses to same-sex couples is back. a judge said davis's office will now be monitored to make sure marriage licenses are being issued. also today we will learn the policy recommendations a group of leaders say will make ferguson, missouri, stronger and a better place to link. missouri's governor formed the commission of 16 community leaders after the death of michael brown. he called on them to address the underlying causes that led to widespread and sometimes violent unrest in the city after saurchs shot and killed brown in 2014. today bernie sanders is making two important stops in virginia. the first in lynchburg. later he'll be joined by local leaders at the fairgrounds in manassas.
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that event kicks off tonight. n b nbc 4's tracie potts will join us for that debate. tonight we'll find out how long the redskins will be without jackson. he went out with a hamstring injury. the redskins want to prove this year's team is different but fans didn't get that result last nightet. after the skins got a 10-0 lead, the dolphins came back to win it, 17-10. >> we battled and came up short. i guess we're all pretty tired of that around here. you know, we've done that too many times. so eventually the tables need to turn. >> cousins had a mixed start to the season. he landed a touchdown, but also threw two interception. cousins played the entire game. colt mccoy did not get a snap on rg3, got dressed despite being
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clear. 40s and 50s in some place this morning. will the kids need a jacket at the bus stop? chuck bell is back with that on traffic on the 1s. >> he kissed a girl. so why is he
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13-year-old maryland boy has been charged with assault for grabbing and kissing an eighth
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grade girl. the incident happened wednesday morning. police say the boy grabbed the 14-year-old girl by her shirt and kissed her against her will. the boy told the police the whole thing was a dare. he's now charged with second-degree assault. you're paying less for gas than you have in a decade. according to aaa the national average sit around 2.36 dl. in maryland you're paying a little below $2.30 a gallon. virginia, you're looking at around $2 a gallon. and the average in west virginia floating around the national avera average. i heard some experts say it could last in to the winter. yesterday was day where for a while you could roll down the windows. it was a nice fall-like day. >> i feel like the temperatures are still going to warm up.
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is that right, chuck? >> you bet you. these cool mornings are today and tomorrow but each day will get warmer with each passing morning. outside the skies in washington, chilly. 51 at dulles, 53, reston town center, 49 west of mt. vernon. bus stop weather, sun's up at 6:48 this morning. temperature's 53 between 7:00 and 8:00. 59 at 9:00 a.m. seven-day forecast which includes the warmup, that's in ten minutes. for now a check on traffic with melissa. >> good morning. an update on the situation in ashton. eastbound 108 is completely shut down on new hampshire avenue because of roadwork. westbound lanes are being used for traffic this morning. interstate 95, we still have
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problems on the inner loop. 66 in town. same thing out of town. don't have any issues there. 95 here in virginia, 55 miles per hour northbound or southbound. 270 here at montrose road a little bit of volume headed southbound but no major problems. eun? >> thank you, melissa. in just a few hours president obama will move forward with his plan for college education. what he's pushing for, straight ahead. what we're learning about two planes. these planes colliding
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l.a.x. listen here to the pilot explaining to confused passengers what was going on. >> essentially we stopped short of the gate because the parking
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gates wasn't working as expected and the aircraft behind us continued to push back from their gate and the two aircraft met at the same point at the same time. >> so a little bit of a fender bender out there. two planes clipped each other. the u.s. air flight was arrived. the alaskan was departing. everybody is just ct[yƱfine, bu there is an investigation on how everybody's signals got crossed. back to you. >> thanks, kristin. nbc's tracie potts joins us on the latest of the candidates preparing for the debate. trac todd about this. >> we already saw rick perry drop out. let's start with the
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republicans. they're debating in just two days. the poll shows donald trump with the lead but when you look at the nbc poll, ben carson is right on his tail within four percentage points and that's one of the reasons why we saw over the weekend donald trump striking out at ben carson. now, on the other side, hillary clinton is on a lead, solid lead nationally. but, boy, has she been dropping and bernie sanders has gained ten points. he has bested hillary clinton in both iowa and in new hampshire. he's on top, she's number two in the polls of those two states. it's one of the reasons why we're likely to hear more about that. we'll see her in iowa today as she tries to focus on that early voting state. >> thank you, tracie. it's been more than a year since uva sophomore hannah graham disappeared. jes
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jesse. the investigation helped investigators link matthews to at least one other killing. >> charlottesville marked one year since graham's disappearance with fresh attention to her life and other young women facing the same risk. organizations helped save the next girl about a block away from the security camera. one woman says she's concerned the community will remember graham only as a statistic. >> i think a lot of people want to sweep it under the rug unfortunately. so we want to get out here and raise awareness. hannah graham was a person. she was a human being and she had a life. we want people to realize that. >> you can stay on top of the developments. we'll let you know as soon is that come in. right now a family is desperately searching for a
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missing girl from greenbelt. she suffers from seizures and doesn't have her medicine with her. if you have any information that can help find her, please call police. metro transit police arrest and charmed this man or the man wanted for lajedly sexually assaulting a woman at the metro station. when the police got there, the 23-year-old jumped onto the tracks and ran toward glenmont. officers chased him, but he got away. police made the arrest yet. >> there may be protests tonight at a hearing on how police respond to calls for help. flyers are going around encouraging people to show up at 7:00 to protest the police treatment of natasha mckenna. she died in police custody. there are two new programs
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designed to help convicts. this is a follow-up to her follow-up last month for comprehensive safety improvement. we expect those initiatives to focus on training and professional developments. >> today president obama continues to push his plan for free community college. he's heading to des moines for a town hall with high schoolers and their parents to discuss college access and affordability. education secretary arne duncan will also be there as part of his back-to-school bus tour. well, so much for those noisy late night college parties. at least some officials in fredericksburg, virginia, hope so. the city is one vote away from tightening up its noise ordinance. too many people in the community complained. now, if this vote passes, people caught screaming or what police say sun reasonable noise in the streets between 11:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning could get in trouble. new this morning comedian jerry lewis is getting his own
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collection at the library of congress. you'll be able to see long lost television appearances with martin and lewis. it alps contains home movies and rare films. it's not announced when they'll go on display. >> it's pretty cool because the works collection includes lucille ball, bob hope, johnny carson. >> it's an amazing place. if you get lost for a couple of hours, it's worth the trip. >> and a beautiful building too. >> mm-hmm, beautiful. it's monday. is it true we're kicking off a week of great weather? >> kick it, no problem. it's going to be so nice. september is one of those months. >> yes, it is. >> it's kind of all or nothing. it's either cloudy or rainy or a spectacular day. >> sunday. >> exactly. one leads right to the next.
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we could use some rain around here. it's been an incredibly dry month. the showers only added up to .016 of an inch. many spots into the 50s this morning. in fact, it's our coolest morning in washington at quite some time at 56 degrees at reagan national. southwest wind at seven miles per hour. 56. you say, wow, that's awfully chilly. reagan national has been below 60 since june 4th. yes. 3 1/2 months it's been since this chilly of a start. a nice cool morning. 100% sunshine coming your way. mild and dry. just nothing to complain about outside of the fact we could use the rain. out toward arappahannock county, 57. the warm waters in the bay holding the weather up just a
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smidgen. mid-50s this morning. near 70 by lunchtime. sunshine in the forecast. dry weather indeed. get the car washed. if you get the car today, you get to drive a clean car all week long. highs this afternoon, 73 in gaithersburg, 75 in manassas and washington. just a perfect day to be outside. as far as rain chances, nothing anywhere close to us. showers in new england, they'll stay to the north. if you're traveling to boston, do bring the umbrella there. around here, nothing going on. high pressure in charge, and that means nothing but sunshine. here's your forecast. 78 today, 83 tomorrow, 86, 87. are you getting hint it's going to be a warm sunny week? >> i love the him. let's pause that around repeat it again in the next couple of weeks when it's really getting a little more chilly. 66 here west of ox road.
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don't have a problem eastbound or westbound. prince george's county looking nice as well. everything rolling along nicely this morning. same thing on 270 northbound and southbound for us here this morning. remember eastbound 108 there in new hampshire. taking a look at 95 in virginia, no problem northbound or southbound. early roadwork is out of the way. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 fm. weather and traffic always on the 1s. i'll see you back here shoo thank you, melissa. she helped two convicted killers escape from prison. she says she's not bad person. her exclusive interview with her exclusive interview with matt lauer.
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with just days to go before the pope arrives, final preparations are o on the way for his arrival. we are learning it could have a huge impact with how you get around town. and if you're not in front of your screen, take look at the current temperatures around the area. some of you waking up to the 50s. 50s in gaithersburg, 55 in fredericksburg, 52 in manassas, and it's not expected to get very hot today.
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chuck bell is putting together your hour-by-hour forecast for us. >> i would take it all back if i could, but i can't, but i can't. but i'm not the monster that everybody thinks i am. i'm really not. >> the prison guard who helped two prisoners escape in upstate new york is now speaking out for the first time. joyce mitchell sat down with an exclusive interview with nbc's matt lauer. mitchell now faces up to seven years in prison herself if found guilty. she pleaded guilty to taking in contraband to the clinton correctional facility and mitchell provided chisels, hacksaws, blades, a punch, and screwdriver bits to richard matt and david sweat. >> i'm just somebody that got caught up in something she couldn't get out of. >> well, you can watch matt's
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entire interview on the "today" show this morning. >> listen to this. three out of four car seats aren't keeping children safe, not because of the seats themselves but because of how they're installed. child passenger safety week begin this morning and parents say that they're now picking the right -- picking the right car seat is just as important as how it's installed into their vehicle. >> when we brought him here to the hospital, we took it up to the fire department and had them install it because i was nervous and thought he's my first. >> here's some common mistakes you may be making. either the strap holding the seat in place or too loose aren't tight enough around the children's shoulders. they recommend keeping children in a car or boosster seat until they're 4'9". if you need help you can go to
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the dmv inspection station. they'll do demonstrations for free and make sure your seat straps are tight enough. the demonstration runs from 2:00 to 6:00 this afternoon. breaking right now, the australian prime minister is fighting to keep his job. tony abbott spoke just moments ago. he will not step down despite very loud calls for him to do so. the prime minister announced that a leadership ballot will be held today after top lawmakers in his liberal party brought up challenges against him. abbott vows to win this election. back to you. right now we're standing by to see how much pope francis's visit to d.c. will impact you. what we expect to learn from metro in just a matter of hours. the calendar still says summer, but it is starting to feel like fall. but how long will these low


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